Delphine + Emojis


i dont even have a good reaso n


i dont even have a good reaso n

There’s a light in all of us

I saw a girl kill herself… She looked exactly like me.

"How our show is shot is beautiful. The detail in everything is fantastic. Our director of photography [Aaron Morton] did Spartacus, so the show’s got that dark, sci-fi, edgy feel to it, but it’s done differently than a lot of the other sci-fi shows. Our show has a dark undertone. And the way that the show just looks and the feel of it and the gravitas just brings you in. It’s just really beautiful to look at, aesthetically. They put a lot of effort into that and the sets. We are very specific to detail because we know it’s very important to the sci-fi audience. They’re very diligent with a lot of things.” — [x]

color meme;
helena + black and white
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Cosima sitting on Delphine’s lap  is all I ask for season 3 ok


scott honestly thinks cosima has to stop smoking pot a little